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Roku OS 7.5 Release Notes - It's Going to Be Huge!


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Roku OS 7.5 Release Notes - It's Going to Be Huge!
« on: November 01, 2016, 04:54:20 PM »
Here are the Official Release Notes for the latest Roku 7.5 software update and it's loaded with some great new features for most Roku owners going back as far as the Roku HD models and newer.

With the new Roku software updated scheduled to be pushed out starting today. Here you can have a look at what Roku has planned for it's new software and what you can expect.

Roku® OS 7.5 Release Notes

If you don't want to patiently wait for this update which should happen automatically if your Roku model is on the list. Click here for a simple way you may be able to get it sooner.

We’re happy to announce the release of Roku OS 7.5, the latest version of our operating system that will soon roll out to all current-generation Roku streaming players and Roku TV™ models. Roku OS 7.5 includes new features and fixes to bring more value and enjoyment to your streaming experience when using your Roku device. With this release, we’re bringing many new features including Live TV Pause and Mobile private listening to all Roku TV models.

Supported Devices:

Roku Streaming Players – 4640X, 4630X, 4620X, 4400X, 4230X, 4210X, 4200X, 3710X, 3700X, 3600X, 3500X, 3420X, 3400X, 3100X, 3050X, 3000X, 2720X, 2710X, 2700X, 2500X, 2450X, 2400X
Roku TV – All Roku TV models will run Roku OS 7.5

* Note: Some updates and/or bug fixes only apply to specific Roku devices. In those instances, supported devices are indicated in the release notes.

** Note: Roku OS 7.5 will begin to roll out to some supported Roku players today, and following their recent launch, will conclude with the new lineup of Roku players in the next few weeks. Roku OS 7.5 will begin rolling out to Roku TV models next week and is expected to be available on all supported Roku devices before the Holidays. An update to the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android that supports new Roku OS 7.5 features is available for download today.

Key Roku OS 7.5 Features:

Live TV Pause (Roku TV models only) – Never miss a play with Live TV Pause, a new feature available for all Roku TV models. When an antenna is connected to your Roku TV, you can now easily pause and playback digital broadcast TV to make sure you never miss a minute of the action when you head to the kitchen for a snack run. Using this new feature, over-the-air TV can be paused for up to 90 minutes. Live TV Pause requires a low cost USB flash drive with 16GB or more of storage capacity to be connected to your Roku TV.

Mobile private listening for Roku TV models – Roku OS 7.5 brings a popular feature that’s currently available on select Roku streaming players (3600X, 3700X, 3710X, 4620X, 4630X, 4640X) to all Roku TV models. When using the latest version of the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android (V3.6.0), Roku TV owners can now enjoy private listening via their mobile device while watching streaming content. With this new feature, you can listen as loud as you like while not disturbing others in the house. Simply launch the Roku mobile app while connected to the same wireless network as your Roku TV, connect a pair of headphones to your mobile device and enjoy.

Audio Guide – To provide a better entertainment experience for the visually impaired, Roku OS 7.5 includes a new Audio Guide feature that is available on Roku TV models in the US as well as select Roku streaming players (4640X, 4630X, 4620X, 3710X, 3700X, 3600X). This feature uses text-to-speech to assist with navigation of the Roku user interface and onscreen menus. Audio Guide can be activated by pressing the “*” button on the Roku remote four times consecutively, or by selecting to turn the feature on/off within the new Accessibility category in the Settings menu.

Roku player remote volume control – Roku streaming player models with remotes that feature volume buttons (4640x, 4630x, 4400x, 4230x, 4200x) can now control the volume level of TVs and audio receivers that support volume control via HDMI® Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology.

New feedback option for streaming channels – You can now quickly provide feedback on your experience with streaming channels by pressing the Options button “*” on your Roku streaming player or Roku TV remote control when the channel tile is highlighted. Simply select “Give us feedback” from the options menu to report your experience to help ensure our channel partners are aware of potential issues.

Roku Media Player auto launch (only works with Roku devices that include USB input) – Roku OS 7.5 makes accessing your stored videos and other content easy by automatically launching the Roku Media Player when you insert your USB storage device. This feature can be disabled if desired.

Screen mirroring added for more Roku players – Roku OS 7.5 adds our screen mirroring feature to the Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. Screen mirroring allows you to wirelessly mirror your compatible Android, Windows Mobile, Windows 10, or Windows 8.1 device’s screen onto your TV screen. More information about screen mirroring on your Roku device is available here.

Play on Roku support for multiple mobile devices – Roku OS 7.5 and the updated Roku mobile app for iOS and Android now enable multiple people to use the Play on Roku feature on a Roku device. This feature is great for a party or post-event gathering so everyone can share photos from their mobile device with the group on the big screen at the same time.

Improved search experience – Updates to Roku search provide results more quickly as you enter the title, actor or director you want to search. Relevant search results are displayed as soon as you begin entering text to help make finding what you want to watch easier. In addition, the relevancy of search results across the 100+ channels now included in Roku search has been improved.

Streaming performance – Roku OS 7.5 includes a variety of updates to improve the overall streaming performance of your Roku device. Videos will start more quickly in some channels and channels supporting video playlists have more seamless video transitions.

Auto display detection – The Roku Streaming Stick® (model 3600X) will now auto-detect the TV display setting and select the optimal setting based on your TV’s resolution.

Roku OS 7.5 Bug Fixes

Logitech Harmony remotes can now wake-up a Roku 4 player.
Fixed bug where a Roku 4 player occasionally displayed content in the upper left corner of the screen after display settings were changed from 720p/1080p to 4K UHD.
Fixed bug where the focus of the Roku user interface would occasionally appear off center in some user interface themes when scrolling through menus.
Fixed bug that caused the screen to flicker when playing some games on select Roku streaming players (models 3600x, 2720x, 2710x, 2700x, 2500x, 2450x).
Fixed bug where a Roku 4 player would display inconsistent black levels when display setting was manually changed to 4K UHD.
Fixed bug where some Roku TV models would experience occasional delay during playback when using the Roku Media Player.
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